Hospitals in Idaho and Alaska have shifted to crisis standards of care: this means rationing not only of general healthcare service capacity, but also a medical triage sorting process that determines who will be treated and who will not be treated, based upon subjective judgments. We were concerned about this early pandemic and as our paper on topic was published, we were relatively certain that we turned the corner on the possibility of hospital surge capacity exceedance. This is our paper on topic that has become a recommendation for bridging emergency management systems and medical triage decision-making. This could be avoided:

Implications that sarcophagus prevents previous rainwater cooling processes. Then perhaps the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Disaster (on-going) saving grace is also its curse: the continuous generation of radioactive ground waters that act to control uncharacterized, likely critical corium. See an analysis of the problem facing global health in the next several years.

More from us here; 3.11.2021. The 10 Year Anniversary of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: what it means to US

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