The Delta Variant: TOKYO OLYMPICS 2021


Global Health Reports TM: Report #2

Olympics Countdown: DAY 26


Christopher Eddy, M.P.H., REHS, CP-FS

Eriko Sase, Ph.D.

This and future global health reports will follow a similar agenda: we will discuss the global situation especially focusing on lessons learned and misconceptions that previously hampered our ability to successfully mitigate this pandemic. We will be developing an “International Watchlist” in the next global health report. [Please watch our YouTube video: ]

Because this is the Olympic Countdown, we will be following the Japan situation focusing with intensity on the Olympics. We will also emphasize disease transmission pathways while providing the most current understanding of the disease ecology and epidemiology of the novel coronavirus. We will focus on strategic infection prevention methods as the Delta Variant changes our perception of containment and mitigation. We will be discussing the ramifications to social distancing, personal protective equipment and behavior, and potential transmission pathways that can no longer be disregarded.

Global Situation

United States: Vaccine hesitancy



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