Global Health ReportTM #3

Sports and COVID-19

Olympics Countdown: DAY 15


Christopher Eddy, M.P.H., REHS, CP-FS

Eriko Sase, Ph.D.

In our third global health report, we emphasize continuing COVID-19 outbreaks directly associated with gatherings in the United States, and European soccer and football games. We have chronologized positive test results among Serbian Olympic athletes and the withdrawl of Samoan Olympic weightlifters due to COVID-19 concerns. We report also increasing cases of COVID-19 in Tokyo even as the Olympics loom barely two weeks away. We present Japanese considerations for crowd attendance, the potential and likely imminent imposition of a state of emergency, and epidemiological estimations with best- and worst-case scenario considerations for intervention. Please see our You Tube channel and watch all of our Global Health Reports: Countdown to the Tokyo Olympics.



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