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A return to the origin of SARS, the ecology of COVID-19, and the public’s refusal to follow public health recommendations — globally.

An All-Hazards Approach to Pandemic COVID-19: Clarifying Pathogen Transmission Pathways Toward the Public Health Response [PART 3]

Christopher Eddy, MPH, REHS, CP-FS College of Science, Engineering, and Technology, Grand Canyon University

Richard Schuster, MMM, MD, FACP, FRCP (Edin) International Master’s in Public Health Specialized in Health Systems Administration and Global Health Leadership Program, University of Haifa

Eriko Sase, PhD Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University Graduate School of Medicine, University of Tokyo Saitama Prefectural University

Human Variably identified descriptors, such as close contact, has led to vague and politically sensitive public health outreach messaging (Eddy & Sase, 2020). In several studies performed during the 2003 SARS global epidemic, SARS was identified in 100% of patient stool samples (WHO, 2003). As researchers struggle to identify and differentiate potentially mutated COVID-19 viral strains, well-documented initial onset of disease in Wuhan, China, included diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms (Li et al., 2020; Phan et al., 2020; Tang et al., 2020; Zhang et al., 2020). COVID-19 has been detected in feces and urine, through sexual contact, and from fomite and contaminated surfaces, which are all factors to consider in nosocomial source transmission (National Health Commission of China, 2020; Pung et al., 2020). Pandemic Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Potential Pathogen Transmission Pathway Model FIGURE 1 HUMAN ROUTES Respiratory Absorption Ingestion Dermal Break PATHWAY Environmental Noscomial Fomite PATHWAY Zoonotic Animal Food (e.g., Meat) PATHWAY Person-to-Person Droplet/Aerosol Fecal/Oral Sexual JEH_5–20_PRINT.indd 30 4/3/20 10:24 AM May 2020 • Journal of Environmental Health 31 ADVANCEMENT OF THE PRACTICE Snohomish County Health Department in the State of Washington, sharing a border with nearby King County, reported its first human COVID-19 case on January 21, 2020 (Q13 News Staff, 2020). In a press release published on February…



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